Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wherever that dream may lead

At first I felt slightly disappointed reading that the next FTD releases will be That's The Way It Is in the classic album series and a re-release of the CD originally included with the book The Way It Was. Especially since there's already the 3 CD Special Edition of TTWII and I have the book.

But, as my brother told me on the phone today, let's wait and see, there isn't even a track listing out yet. And of course he's right, there might be a lot of interesting stuff on the classic album. Maybe some exciting studio outtakes and/or another concert.

Still, I can't help thinking that it's been a while since a digipack FTD release saw the light of the day. Don't misunderstand me, I like the classic albums a lot. But I do miss "new" albums such as the last one, I Sing All Kinds, released in July last year.

One other thing: Isn't it about time that the FTD label released a box set? I for one would love to see one of the following:

1. Elvis '68 Comeback Special (finally all the material in one place)
2. Elvis '69 Memphis Sessions
3. The Nashville Marathon (1970 and 1971 studio recordings)

PS: I hope the next classic album after TTWII will be Good Times or Promised Land. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

I would settle for "How Great Thou Art" or "King Creole". But most of all, I want the stax albums just like you!
Another idea for a box set: "Behind Closed Doors - the complete 1976 studio sessions". A winner, since the Jungle Room Sessions is the best selling FTD. Or so I've heard.