Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More footage from the fair

Seems Albert Fisher wasn't the only one shooting behind-the-scenes footage when Elvis was in Seattle for location filming at the World's Fair. In the movie This Is Elvis there's about 45 seconds of Elvis at the Fair filmed in black-and-white.

In this footage you can see Elvis traveling in some kind of electrical tram signing an autograph (I think Albert Fisher is right there beside him!) and then walking around with all the Memphis Mafia guys in tow. There's also Elvis together with the little girl who played Sue Lin.

My guess is this was shot by a local TV channel, as there is also a couple of seconds of Elvis presenting a ham to the governor of Washington. The media would love that!

By the way, when this sequence is shown in This Is Elvis you can hear "Elvis" telling the audience that "The Colonel gave me an award for all my challenging roles, a ham." Obviously, that was not the case, as it was Elvis handing away the ham and Parker just looking on in the background.

Then, on YouTube, I stumbled upon some more interesting footage having to do with It Happened At The World's Fair. This was taken after Elvis was fitted for his wardrobe for the movie, and shows him signing a new four picture MGM deal.

Why this was filmed I have no idea (the video is from Joe Tunzis' DVD Hot Shots And Cool Clips Volume 3). But if you want to know what director Norman Taurog looked like, just click here.

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