Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aloha - 35 years ago yesterday

Visiting the Elvis Information Network website this evening made me realize that 35 years ago, yesterday, Elvis donned his American Eagle jumpsuit and made television history. Even if I don't think anniversaries like that are important, I tend to remember special dates in the "Elvis calendar" but this time it totally slipped my mind.

Feeling a little guilty I decided to do a search on YouTube to see if there was anything interesting from the Aloha show. Punching in "Elvis Aloha" in the search field I struck gold immediately.

As it happened, the first video listed turned out to be nearly six minutes of footage filmed by a Japanese TV station before the show started. It shows Elvis' not to impressive dressing room as well as members of the orchestra arriving and also James Burton och Ronnie Tutt setting up their equipment on stage:

Elvis must have felt on top of the world after the historical satellite broadcast. It's sad he never was presented with another challenge as big as that again, such as touring overseas.

Before signing off: One of the records I would really like to get my hands on is the Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite EP. This EP was made for jukeboxes with title strips included. Sometimes a copy can be found on eBay, but I'm not alone in wanting it and the winning bid is never low. But someday...

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Anonymous said...

Elvis is alive and well in hawaii
well-- in fibreglass form anyway

I saw this cool travel site that had another one check it out
hes a hunka hunka burning love