Sunday, January 6, 2008

Special moments with FTD

My brother said to me: "Why don't you write about songs released on Follow That Dream records that you think are special in one way or the other?" I thought that was a great idea, so from time to time, that's what I'm gonna do here on my blog, starting today:

A very funny live version of "Love Me Tender" from Murfreesboro May 6, 1975, is included on the FTD release Dixieland Rocks. It begins during the familiar intro when Elvis sings a line from "I love little baby ducks" and then it just goes downhill from there.

It's obvious Elvis is enjoying himself, and so are the women standing close to the stage trying to get a piece of the action. During the first verse, I think one of them receives a kiss in exchange for a stuffed animal of sorts.

"God almighty," Elvis says, then "You just got a head, you ain't got no body," and after a loud kiss "I gotta take this animal."

Then there is the second verse when Elvis just cracks up. There is no way knowing, but I think another woman is really climbing over the competition to get to him, and successfully reaching her goal, holds on tight.

"Keep it up, honey" Elvis laughs and then there's the kiss. "You're beautiful," she screams and then "Oh, God," and in my mind I see her releasing her grip and falling back into the sea of women right in front of Elvis eyes.

From then on Elvis laughs hysterically and there is no way he can continue the song. "That's it," he says, and after the ending exclaims: "I mean, she made me the hunchback of Murfreesboro, man!"


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about this track ... have replayed it several times but could not recognise the word 'animal' and thought Elvis talked about one of the women when he said 'you just got a head.' LOL!

Thomas said...

Hmm.. It could of course be that the woman is acting so wild he calls her an "animal." Hadn't thought about that. Anyway, it must have been an exciting concert, Elvis seems to be in such a good mood.