Thursday, January 3, 2008

My baby left me two singles

Being an Elvis fan means that I get a lot of Elvis related mail each year. The first parcel the mailman brought me 2008 contained the Memphis Recording Service/HMV UK single My Baby Left Me, released a couple of months ago.

Actually, what I got was two records, as I'd ordered both the CD single and the 10" vinyl version. And it turned out a good way to start the new Elvis year.

For starters, the singles are really good looking, reminding me a lot of the single re-releases from Sony-BMG you could collect in boxes. The only noticeable difference, at least on the CD picture cover, is that the label in the upper right hand corner reads His Master's Voice instead of RCA Victor.

Moreover, the CD single includes a video track of Elvis performing "Don't Be Cruel" live in Tupelo 1956. This footage can be found on the DVD Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley and is a nice bonus.

And last but not the least, I got reacquainted with the song "My Baby Left Me." As Ernst Jorgensen puts it in his book A Life In Music: "The feel was close to that of the Sun sides." And the B side, "One-Sided Love Affair" ain't too bad, either!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, a really nice cover.