Friday, January 4, 2008

Color my rainbow

Yesterday Elvis Unlimited could report that the Overton Shell in Memphis is undergoing a major renovation. The Shell, which is where Elvis made his first advertised appearance on July 30, 1954, was closed in 2004 and is to be reopened a few months from now.

As this is historical ground to Elvis fans it's great news that the place will not be torn down. But at the same time it's a bit sad that it isn't restored to its original look - the Shell itself will be painted completely gold and the rainbow paint scheme removed.

I was fortunate to see the Overton Shell during Elvis week in 2005. This is how it looked like then:

It was a special feeling standing there and looking at the stage where a pretty unknown Elvis (his name was misspelled "Ellis Presley" in one ad for the show) most likely sang both sides of his first single, more than 50 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm an Elvis fan from South Africa and thrilled to have come across an Elvis-related blog. Fantastic!

I've been to the shell in August 2007 and sure am glad it will be renovated. Gold ... Oh no! Is that the way it looked in 1954? I thought they would restore the place to it's former glory...

Thomas said...

Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog! It's really great to hear from fans from other parts of the world.

The way I understand it the rainbow was there when Elvis performed back in 1954, so it's too bad about the gold paint.

I hope you keep reading Elvis Today. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Elvis Blogs are rare, so I've added Elvis Today to my bookmarks toolbar and will be sure to visit from time to time. :-)