Thursday, March 26, 2009

Special moments with FTD 6, 7 & 8

For some reason I remembered today that it was a long time since I wrote a "Special moments with FTD" post. Actually, it was about eight months ago. To catch up I'd like to mention no less than three songs releases on the FTD label that I've always thought were special.

The first one is "Hey Little Girl" that saw the light of day on the second FTD album, Out In Hollywood, from 1999. I remember my brother getting his copy first, and sitting in his apartment listening to Elvis working his way through this early take from the Harum Scarum soundtrack.

It's quite catchy and more loose than the master, but it's the ending that makes it all worthwhile. It's not often you get to hear Elvis exclaim first "Huuuuuh" and then "arrrrrrgh" (at least not on a movie song). As I've been known to write, great stuff!

Moving on to the second song, I've always considered "I Just Can't Help Believing" a favourite, so I guess that's why I love the version on One Night In Vegas, released by the label in 2000. Actually, the record is one of the best by FTD and I listen to it frequently.

Maybe the version recorded the day after is a stronger one. But I like the fact that the different mixing made me see the arrangement in another light, with the horns more prominent, for example.

Not many Elvis songs make the hair on my neck stand out, but "My Boy" from 1975 released on Dixieland Rocks (2001) does just that. When Elvis holds the note during the ending, singing "Yeah, becaaaaaaaaaa" I always get emotional. It's Elvis when he touches me the most.

To my knowledge Elvis sang "My Boy" in this fashion all through 1975, and you can hear it on Big Boss Man featuring the dinner show from Las Vegas on March 30, 1975. But I prefer the version from Murfreesboro May 6, 1975 on Dixieland Rocks, maybe because the sound is so much better.

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