Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog of Rome

Right now my brother is visiting and we just had this conversation (and a couple of drinks), listening to ”Heart of Rome” on my recently bought “I’m Leavin’” single.

M: “Not the best of songs, but always fun to listen to. Kinda like “Padre”, don’t you think?”
T: “Yeah, the reason he didn’t sing it live probably was because it was too demanding.”
“Or too bad.”
“BUT HEY! Doesn’t it sound different? Is it the brass?”
“Yes, it is! And what’s that funny sound?”
“Sounds like a xylophone, never heard it before.”
“Is it another mix on the single? When I got the “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” 45, that also sounded different. And better!”
“Let’s compare it to the LP version.
“And let’s have another drink.”

[Playing “Heart of Rome” from the Love Letters LP.]

“The brass is there alright, but not as aggressive. The same goes for that weird sounding xylophone.”
“How does it sound on CD?”
“I’ll dig out the FTD version. Just wait a sec.”

[Playing the FTD version as well as the one on the 70’s box set.]

“Definitely more polished. And no trace whatsoever of the xylophone! Shall we listen to the single again?”
“If I’m to hear that song one more time I definitely need another drink!”

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