Monday, March 30, 2009

Lost footage from The Garden

Funny how things "lost" from Elvis' concerts at Madison Square Garden in 1972 have been turning up lately. About a year ago some 100 photos taken at Elvis' second evening performance by a former Garden photographer were found, and now footage captured by an NBC camera crew that was filming the concert on June 9 has been discovered.

This footage, according to the Elvis Information Network, "switches back and forth between camera views of the audience and film of a very animated Presley performing "Polk Salad Annie" in front of the sold-out arena." Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Now, the good news it this footage is available as a videoclip on the Elvis Insiders site. The bad news is that only a preview of the clip is available if you're not a member. Still, the 15 seconds showing Elvis singing immediately after Jerry Scheff's bass solo, makes your mouth water.

Both picture and sound are excellent, and I wonder if only "Polk Salad Annie" was filmed, or if there is more "lost" footage from the Garden that night. Another question I have is if part of the footage was shown on the NBC News Channel back then. I for one would love to watch that particular news broadcast.

I have to admit, I've never consided becoming an "Elvis Insider." (It's $19.99 for 1 year membership.) But maybe I have to reconsider. What do you think?


Troy Y. said...

What a great find. Too bad they don't give more information as far as the availability of other footage. I wonder how many other concerts had at least a song or two recorded by a news crew?

I checked the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, which is a pretty extensive catalog of the US's NBC, ABC, and CBS evening news broadcasts going back to 1968. They don't mention the Madision Square Garden show, unfortunately.

It was probably a local affiliate, though. Or maybe it was for a non-evening news show.

If it's just a song or two, this would make a great bonus feature on the never-to-be-released Elvis On Tour Blu-ray disc.

If they have several songs, they could probably make a great documentary, combined with those photos and some of the RCA recordings, of the concerts. They could even flesh it out a bit with press conference snippets. I'd be willing to pay $30 - $40 US for something like that, even if only an hour total.

Again, what else are they sitting on?

MĂ„rtenbrother said...

What a great idea doing a documentary on Elvis: Madison Square Garden. But of course, how much material is there?
(And will there ever be a decent mix of the evening concert?)

Thomas said...

I agree, a documentary about Elvis at Madison Square Garden is a great idea! I also happen to have just the right title: "Like a price from another planet!" Also, I too think the footage mentioned is from a local NBC news station, and it is interesting thinking about how much more undiscovered material from other concerts there are out there, filmed by different local TV stations.