Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heartbreak Hotel

This week my work has been taking me to a small town in the south of Sweden, where I spend the evenings in a hotel room in front of my lap top. Tonight, while on the Internet I've also spent some money on - yeah, you guessed it! - Elvis.

First of all I visited Now Dig This where I pre-ordered my copy of the upcoming Standing Room Only album as well as the latest FTD release Blue Hawaii. What I didn't order was the Blue Hawaii vinyl limited edition.

After all, why should I buy a vinyl copy of an album I've just purchased on CD? Not only is it much more expensive than the CD equivalent, it doesn't even include all the outtakes! Frankly, I think Ernst Jorgensen and his crew should use their energy adding songs to new releases, not removing them. Where is the creativity in that?

Sometimes I can't help thinking that import labels such as Madison are showing us how it should be done, at least when it comes to live releases. Maybe that's the reason the last CD I bought tonight was Opening Night - January 1970, that I found on eBay. I already have it's companion Closing Night - February 1970 and it's a fantastic release.

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