Sunday, March 1, 2009

Message from Duke

A couple of days ago I received an exciting e-mail, that I'd like to share with you. This is what it said:

Hello, My name is Duke Bardwell. I was Elvis' bass player in 1974 and '75 and played 181 shows with him on tour and in Las Vegas. I'll be in Sweden soon with the "Elvis Tribute Tour '09" and would like to invite you all to come out and enjoy the show with us. We'll be playing a lot of the ole Rock and Roll favorites with a few surprises in the show line up for you, so please join us, bring your friends and come on out to the party.

Until then, take care and we'll see you there. Duke

Actually, the mail was forwarded by Arjan Deelen, the guy who's behind the Elvis Tribute Tour I've written about earlier, but I thought it cool, nevertheless. Over the last couple of months I've had e-mail contact with Arjan, and he's kept me updated how it's going with the show.

In case you're living in Sweden or thinking about visiting, here are the tour dates:
  • Katalin, Uppsala - May 20
  • Parken, Gävle - May 21
  • Brux, Örnsköldsvik - May 22
And according to Arjan, there's one more date that might be interesting for Swedish Elvis fans, and that is May 19 at Feelgood in Halden, Norway. As Halden is a border town in the south of Norway, maybe some Swedes might want to see that one.

The Elvis Tribute Tour will also will also be doing shows in Finland, Poland, Belgium and Holland.

Arjan told me today that they're all very excited about the tour. Next month they will do two try-outs in Texas (including one as the warming-up for James Burton & band), and then on to Europe!

Returning to Duke Bardwell, be sure to listen to his interpretation of "Heartbreak Hotel" (choose the audio section) recorded only last month. Duke will be doing this one on the tour. And while you're at it, don't miss Michael Jarrett's own version of "I'm Leavin'." (He's part of the tour, too!)

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Mike Edwards said...

Nice post. Believe it or not I know Duke's nephew Chris. He works in the same building as I do. He has talked about Duke with me before.