Saturday, November 17, 2007

A remix that doesn't mix well

One of my favourite Sun records with Elvis, "Baby Let' Play House", has been remixed and will be released as a single in Europe in December. The guy behind the remix is a DJ who calls himself Spankox. But in this form the song certainly isn't a favourite anymore:

After watching the video on Youtube I have to say that the result is miles behind the remixes of "A Little Less Conversation" and even "Rubberneckin'". I think the reason for this is two-fold.

First, the original song nearly drowns in all the new music. Second, a Sun record just ain't as suitable for a remix as is some of Elvis later work. But, as this clearly isn't a joint effort with Elvis Presley Enterprises, I guess this Spankox guy had to turn to the early unprotected material if he was to avoid being sued by EPEs band of lawyers.

Still, I believe songs such as "Edge Of Reality" and "Let Yourself Go" would make great remixes if treated properly. But for that to happen, maybe we'll have to wait until 2018.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Agostino Carollo, aka Spankox, the one that produced the Re:Version of "Baby Let's Play House".
I've read your post and I have to say that you're perfectly right: a Sun record is much more difficult to work on compared to later recordings. That's why it took several months to come up with something that I was happy with. Because I'm a huge Elvis fan and I'm honoured to work on Elvis' material and I'm inspired too. I wanted to create something that he'd hopefully would have appreciated, if he were still alive. And, believe me, there's many people that like this Re:Version. Most of them are Elvis fans who probably like you and me have noticed that in the past years have only been invited to buy the same songs over and over. At least this is a chance to hear something new, just as if Elvis came to the studio recently... And, actually, during these months, while working on "Baby Let's Play House", not only me but a few other people felt a familiar presence around...
Agostino Carollo aka Spankox

Thomas said...

Hi Spankox, really nice hearing from you!
I agree that remixes are a chance to hear something new, and judging by the ongoing QuickPoll on the majority thinks your remix is good for Elvis. So do I, even if I like the remix of "A Little Less Conversation" better. I also believe that remixes, such as yours, will help get new fans who realize Elvis is one cool cat. Maybe I should have been clearer about that in my post. Anyway, hope you keep reading my blog and thank you for your comment!
All the best,

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