Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween, Elvis style

In the United States, Halloween is a major celebration, and of course Elvis Presley Enterprises wants a piece of the action. Using the slogan "Have an Elvis Halloween" the strategy is to have both kids and adults buy jumpsuits and capes that don't come even close to resembling the real thing. Instead those ugly costumes, in a way, help cement the image of Elvis as a clown in ridiculous outfits.

Besides that, the thing I don't understand is what Elvis got to do with Halloween. I thought the idea was to wear scary costumes designed to look like vampires, skeletons, witches, devils and the like. What trick will a kid dressed up as Elvis pull when the neighbour doesn't want to give away candy? Sing the x-rated version of "Hurt"?

Let me make a friendly suggestion to EPE. If they want to connect Elvis with Halloween then at least do it right. Make a copy of the black suede suit and the dark purple velvet cloak Elvis wore when he met president Nixon.

As Marty Lacker pointed out in the Elvis and the Memphis Mafia book: "Jerry said he looked like Dracula. His hair was down over his collar in the back and his eyes looked like he was wearing heavy shadow and mascara." Now how's that for a Halloween costume?

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