Friday, November 16, 2007

The EP Collection Vol. 3

Two of the Elvis items I treasure the most are The EP Collection and its successor The EP Collection Vol. 2, both from the early 80s. Each set included eleven EPs, the majority of which were re-issues. Three of the records, one from the first package and two from the second, were "new" EPs containing outtakes.

I didn't buy these collections at the time of their releases, as they were way to expensive for me back then. But for some reason a few of the EPs were sold separately, and I managed to get my hands on Such A Night and both volumes of GI Blues - The Alternate Takes.

Earlier this year I did get my act together and bought the two sets from a guy who sold them on the Internet. He turned out to be a big Elvis collector that knew Swedish author Börje Lundberg who'd met Elvis in 1973, but that's another story.

This story is about The EP Collection Vol. 3. Yeah, I know that there isn't such a collection, but there could be. When I studied Ernst Jorgensens and Joe Tunzis recording sessions books a couple of days ago I came to the conclusion that there are enough EPs for a third volume:

1. Any Way You Want Me
2. Elvis Vol. 1
3. Elvis Vol. 2
4. Strictly Elvis
5. Loving You Vol. 2
6. Elvis Sings Christmas Songs
7. Christmas With Elvis
8. Elvis Sails (contains interviews only)
9. Tickle Me
10. Easy Come, Easy Go
11. Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite (jukebox edition)

There you have it, The EP Collection Vol. 3. One could argue that there should be a GI Blues - The Alternate Takes Vol. 3 included, but I think Aloha From Hawaii would make for a more interesting bonus EP. Surely a release like this would be a winner, don't you think?

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I'd buy it!