Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rock me lord - more Elvis music in church

Is it just me or has it become more common with Elvis music being performed in church? That thought hit me when the music producer at my work showed me a a new record with artist and actor Håkan Brinck interpreting a collection of Elvis gospels together with a gospel choir.

I went home to listen and actually it was pretty good. There were even a few surprises thrown in like "I Got A Feelin' In My Body" and "Why Me Lord." And as you can see on the cover of the CD he doesn't try to look like Elvis, which is always a big plus, at least in my book.

The very same day I received a clipping my mother had sent me from the city missions paper in Gothenburg. The article described a concert where musician Peter Winsnes performed Elvis songs during Mass in a church packed to the last seat.

All of this made me think of singer Kent Lundberg. A year ago, after the broadcast of a radio program I produced about Elvis religious music, I received an e-mail from him telling me about him and his band performing Elvis gospel music mainly in churches around the country.

He even had the courtesy to send me a CD, and listening to it right know I must say it's even better sounding than Håkan Brincks effort I mentioned earlier (here is an example).

So how about it, is my theory right? Whatever the answer, I bet Elvis music is a safe bet if you want to fill a church!

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