Monday, January 26, 2009

Such a wife

As I live in Gothenburg, a town situated on the western coast of Sweden, I can often count on it being windy and rainy at this time of year. And even if you dress for that particular type of weather, you often feel chilled to the bone.

Last Tuesday, on my way to work, I felt a little sorry for myself, it being pitch black outside and, yeah, you guessed it, cold with a strong wind blowing. But I soon forgot all about the weather, thanks to Elvis.

My way to work always takes me past a store that sells used record. This particular morning I glanced at the shop-windows, as I always do, and stopped dead in my tracks. Would you believe one of the windows was decorated solely with Elvis records!

It was a sight to behold, and I couldn't help thinking that a lot of other people would see this too. And best of all, in the lower right hand corner of the window I spotted what looked like a mint copy of the single "I'm Leavin'."

"I gotta lay my hands on that one, so Michael Jarrett, the writer of the song, can autograph it when he plays in Sweden in May," was my immediate thought.

My spirits lifted, I continued my journey and soon arrived at work. There, I telephoned my wife who had the day off, and asked her if she could run down and buy the single, as I would be travelling to Stockholm later that day and wouldn't be back until the end of the week.

"Yeah, I guess I could buy it on Thursday," she said. "Maybe today," I asked her pleadingly, painting a picture in my head of another person getting it before she did. And, being the nice person she is, she bought it for me later that day.

When I came home I found the single waiting for me, in pristine condition. And the day after, taking a walk with my wife, I asked her if we could go to the store so I could take a picture of the window for my blog. It sure helps to have an understanding wife when your second love is Elvis!


Anonymous said...

You must be a really lucky guy to have such a nice wife!

Thomas said...

Yeah, and she's good looking too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas, You have a fantastic Blog. I'm an Elvis Fan from Porto, Portugal, and feel exactly the same as you when I ear Elvis in the radio, see him on TV... or just see Elvis records in a shop in a cold morning working day. What a sight to see that shop window. Thank you and your wife for that picture and thank you, again, for the way you express your Love to Elvis legacy. TCB from Pedro Nuno, Porto, Portugal

Thomas said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, Pedro! It's a great feeling knowing that there are fans out there, like yourself, who feel exectly the same way as I do when it comes to Elvis, and that they read my blog! Like Elvis himself said: "It makes it all worthwhile!"