Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'll Remember You

The sound quality really is excellent. That was my first reflection while listening to the latest FTD release I'll Remember You for the first time yesterday.

That said, this Las Vegas midnight show from February 3, 1973, doesn't differ very much from the dinner show recorded the same day and released on the bootleg It's A Matter Of Time some 16 years ago. In fact, the songs are done exactly in the same order (with the exception of "I'll Remember You" which was sung only at the dinner show and included here as a bonus song).

In other words, no big surprises, but some tracks caught my attention more than others. The first one was, maybe a little unexpectedly, "Blue Suede Shoes" where Elvis actually seems to enjoy himself singing this song from the 50's.

I also have to agree with the review by Geoffrey Mc Donnell over at the Elvis Australia site where he classifies "What Now My Love" and "An American Trilogy" as the two show highlights. To me they sound very much like they did a month earlier at the Aloha show.

One thing I think is a little bit funny is that the CD have the same title as a song that wasn't even in the show, and that the same is true for it's "companion" It's A Matter Of Time which is also named after a bonus song.

I also spotted a tiny error on the inside of the cover where "Suspicious Minds" is listed with a running time of 1:16. Before I listened to it I suspected an incomplete take but was relieved to find it ending at 4:53.

Conclusion: If you want to listen to an average Elvis show in good sound quality I'll Remember You is a must. If not, you can skip it and listen to Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite instead.


Thomas said...

Hmm, seems not only "Suspicious Minds" have the wrong running time listed. Given it some serious thought :-) I've come to the conclusion all songs from "Love Me" and forward have been giving the running time that the next song should've had. After all, a version of "An American Trilogy" running 1:39 is unheard of.

Troy Y. said...

FTD's often stunning lack of attention to detail reminds me of a quote from Mystery Science Theater 3000: "They just didn't care."

En helt vanlig man said...

Don't you ever forget that the best song titled I'll remember you was made by the mighty Bob Dylan.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ! Elvis' version of Kui Lee’s song "I’ll Remember You" is a touching song full of the loss and longing that only love can bring. Kui Lee was a Hawaiian song writer who died of cancer, and the Aloha From Hawaii concert by Elvis was a benefit that raised $75,000 for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. That gives the song an even stronger meaning.