Friday, February 13, 2009

Goin' home with two singles

Maybe you remember my post about the record store where one of the shop-windows was decorated solely by used Elvis albums and singles? I pass that store every day to and from work so no wonder the temptation finally got too strong.

What better way to celebrate the upcoming weekend, I asked myself this afternoon, than to buy a couple of the singles I'd had my eyes on. Satisfied with my sound reasoning, I entered the store and asked if I could see three of the singles that were on display: "It's Only Love"/"The Sound Of Your Cry," "Rags To Riches"/"Where Did They Go, Lord" and "Separate Ways"/"Always On My Mind."

I soon found out that the guy working in the store wasn't an Elvis fan, as he had problems getting the right records for me, returning with "Way Down/Pledging My Love," amongst others. But the second time around he got it right (after asking me, "Say again, Rags to what?") and after looking at them I decided to skip "Separate Ways" as it had scratches that didn't look too promising, being content with the two others instead.

At home I played the singles, thinking about how it must have been to buy them when they were released. In other words, asking for Elvis' new single "Rags To Riches" and getting an understanding nod from the shop assistant who then points to a rack where there are plenty of copies of the record. And then seeing others picking the same single as yourself!

Still, I had a good time listening to those 1971 singles, even if my wife shook her head in wonder when she was told I already had the songs on LP and CD. And you know what? I spotted one interesting thing: "Where Did They Go, Lord" is listed as Side 1 on the label of the record, and "Rags To Riches" as Side 2. But surely it's the other way around?

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