Thursday, January 8, 2009


I usually check out the the schedule for TCM (Turner Classic Movies) every morning in the TV section of my morning paper. The reason for this is that this channel more often than not is screening an Elvis film.

The last couple of days has been no exception, on the contrary. So far this year TCM has offered us Double Trouble, Kissin' Cousins, The Trouble With Girls, Viva Las Vegas and Speedway, if I remember correctly.

With Elvis' birthday around the corner, I though this was a build up of things to come. But, to my disappointment TCM isn't broadcasting anything with Elvis today on January 8. Talk about an anticlimax!

Visiting the TCM site on the Internet I found out that the American edition does deliver. So, for you living in the States with access to this channel, you can watch King Creole at breakfast and then stay home and have your own Elvis movie marathon with G.I. Blues, Blue Hawaii, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Fun In Acapulco, Roustabout and Elvis On Tour.

For us living in Europe, we'll have to think of something else, like watching Elvis on DVD. That ain't a bad alternative, even if it isn't the same. When an Elvis movie is showing on TV, you know you share the experience with others who are watching the same thing. And that's especially true on a day like the one today. Happy birthday, Elvis!


Troy Y. said...

It's the same thing as hearing a great Elvis song on the radio versus playing it on your CD player. Either way, it's still a great song, but if it's on the radio, lots of other people are getting to hear it at the same time, too - maybe some for the first time.

Thanks for the heads-up about the American TCM schedule!

BeachGaBulldog said...

I live in the States(Florida), 49 years old, and have loved old movies since I was a kid, so obviously I am a HUGE fan of TCM.
I saw a link to your blog and had to respond. I am sorry that you won't see any TCM Elvis today.
King Creole is coming on in a few minutes, so I have to run. By the way, I like your blog!

Jenn said...

In honor of Elvis' birthday, I'm having Elvis week on my site. We're featuring collectors of all things Elvis and interviewed some of them. Check it out: