Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new Elvis Presley show

Yesterday I had some e-mail contact with Arjan Deelen who's putting together "The Original Elvis Tribute 2009" that I wrote about a week ago. Arjan left a comment on my blog that he wanted me to contact him. The reason for this was that songwriter Michael Jarrett, who is part of the show, would like to thank me for the things I wrote about him and his two songs "I'll Be Home On Christmas Day" and "I'm Leavin'."

That's the power of both the Internet and Elvis! Here I am, sitting in front of my computer in Sweden, writing about things that has do with The King, and a couple of days later I'm talking to both the producer of an Elvis Show and to an Elvis songwriter, via e-mail.

Naturally I was thrilled to hear from Michael Jarrett, after all he's the one who wrote two of my favourite Elvis songs. I'm really looking forward to meeting him in May this year when "The Original Elvis Tribute 2009" will be playing in Sweden.

As a matter of fact, it was a very happy Arjan Deelen who wrote me yesterday and told me that the first show in Sweden was now a fact, and that the concert will take place at the Katalin in Uppsala on Wednesday, May 20th. I looked it up on the Internet and it seems like a great showroom, where a lot of well known Swedish artists are performing.

Arjan also told me the band is going to "knock my socks off" and that the man behind the microphone, Ted Roddy, is a singer whose approach to the material reminds him of how Elvis handled songs like "Guitar Man" and "Big Boss Man." No jumpsuits, no wigs - just great singing and showmanship."

Also, the set list will include a lot of surprises, with songs like "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" and "I Will Be Home Again." Sure sounds like you wanna be in the audience! I for one have marked May 20th in my calendar with big letters.

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