Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Viva Las Vegas - Dinner or Midnight Show?

My copy of the new Elvis 2 CD "Viva Las Vegas" arrived yesterday and right now I'm listening to the second disc one more time, which is a Las Vegas show from August 21, 1969.

Apparently many others have been doing the same since it was released. Because on the forum on, there has been a long discussion among its members if this is the Dinner or Midnight Show (Nearly 390 comments that have been read over 14000 times have been made on this subject!).

Recording lists have been scrutinized, comparisons been made to the bootleg "The Legend Lives On" and conclusion been drawn. But there seems to be no consensus and some members put forward the theory that it's a splice of both the Dinner and Midnight Show.

Sometimes it amazes me the time and effort fans make to find out about a certain take, date or release. But I guess I'm no better, I sat part of yesterday evening listening to the record and at the same time scrutinizing Joe Tunzis "Elvis Sessions III" but sharing the fate of my fellow fans and finding no definite answer to the question either.

But I did find out that "What'd I Say" is the best version of the song I've ever heard, Ronnie Tutts drumming is amazing. "Fantastic," Elvis exclaims after the ending, and I agree 100 percent!

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