Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Bubba Ho-tep is dead to me"

About a week ago I wrote about the movie "Bubba Ho-tep" from 2002, remember? Well, now the guy who played Elvis, actor Bruce Campbell, has turned down the offer to star in the sequel "Bubba Nosferatu And The Curso Of The She-Vampires".

Evidently, Campbell and director Don Coscarelli couldn't agree about the screenplay, which features Elvis battling a clan of Las Vegas vampires and some robotic versions of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Sure, it sounds a little weird, but what about the first one, where Elvis and JFK were fighting a mummy eating the souls of their fellow residents at a nursing home?

Whatever the reason, Bruce Campbell told the American horror magazine "Fangoria" that the sequel is "dead to me and sleeps with the fishes". Coscarelli the director is considering making the movie anyway but admits that it will be difficult to find a replacement for Campell.

How about asking Kurt Russell, he has donned the jumpsuit two times before ("Elvis The Movie" and "3000 Miles To Graceland"), and he can do it again. Why don’t you give him a call, Mr Coscarelli?

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