Thursday, September 20, 2007

A not very special ABC-TV special

Apparently I didn't miss a thing. I'm talking about the "Elvis: Viva Las Vegas" two hour TV program that the American network channel ABC aired the other day.

Judging by the comments on the forum on it was a great disappointment. And after looking at ABC News own webpage dedicated to the program I can only agree.

Once again we have Priscilla and Jerry Schilling telling their EPE-approved side of the story. Kind of an "Elvis By The Presleys Vol. 2". And instead of Elvis on stage in Las Vegas there are artists like Chris Isaak and Celion Dion doing covers of Elvis songs. Just bits and pieces from "TTWII" are shown and not any "rarely seen footage" as promised in the press release.

The only thing I paid any attention to was the clip where country singer Faith Hill recalls her first Elvis concert when she was eight years old. I looked her up on the Internet and found out that we are the same age.

That made me realise that theoretically I could have been at an Elvis concert and remember it. But I guess living in Sweden kind of lessened the chances of that happening. Didn't help that I wasn't an Elvis fan at the time, either. But still, theoretically...

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