Sunday, September 2, 2007

"Can't tell if it's comedy or drama"

This Sunday afternoon I watched a picture called "Bubba Ho-tep" from 2002 on DVD. The plot, in short, is that Elvis and John F Kennedy are alive and in a nursing home, where they fight an ancient Egyptian mummy who eats the souls of the residents (view the trailer here).

I guess you could call it both a comedy and a horror movie. I think it's hilarious. And the best thing is, you can watch it with an audio commentary by the king. You hear Elvis (actor Bruce Campbell who is playing Elvis in the movie) telling you that he's been asked by the producer to sit in and tell him what he thinks of the picture, this "Ho-tep thing".

But he has a hard time concentrating on the movie and talks about everything from his own movie career ("I did 33 pictures, never any horror pictures though") to how to make the perfect peanut butter banana sandwich. He also mentions his meeting with Nixon, and on several occasions is interrupted when his cell phone starts ringing. One of the callers, I think, is Lisa Marie.

From time to time he does manage to make a comment about the movie ("This doesn't look like anything a dignified actor would do" and "I wish the director would do a movie that was a little more mature", for example).

A funny detail is that he two times mentions that the jumpsuits in the picture "look really familiar, they look good", but for an Elvis-fan it's pretty obvious they don't look like the real thing.

Enough said, rent "Bubba Ho-tep" as soon as possible and see it yourself. I highly recommend it!

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I'd really like to see this movie!