Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where did the scarves go?

As Lisa Marie enters the Graceland Archives during an interview with ABCs "Good Morning America", she discovers a scarf that Elvis dedicated to her. "My God, I've never seen that," she said when she saw the scarf. "I want it. Can I take it? I'm going to get it framed."

The strange thing is, as points out, that the scarf is in the book "Elvis by the Presleys". I just checked my copy and it’s true, right there on page 173 is a picture of the scarf. Does that mean that she never read the book she was part of writing? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Speaking of scarves, Elvis must have thrown out tens of thousands of them to fans in the audiences during the 70's. In the movie "This is Elvis" you can watch him give away ten scarves (I counted!) during the song "Love Me" from June 1977. Charlie Hodge is following him around the stage with a bunch of scarves in his hands, and on the piano you can clearly see a whole supply of white, red and blue scarves.

Where are those scarves now? Well, maybe many fans did what Lisa Marie talked about, got them framed and hung them on the wall.

Another part of the answer is found by making a search on Ebay that reveals you can bid on a piece of a scarf. Seems the idea is to hack up a scarf in 150 pieces or so and then have every piece framed together with a photo from that particularly concert where the scarf was thrown by Elvis. I found pieces you could bid on from both his last Memphis concert on July 5, 1976 and from a concert at Nassau Coliseum on June 24, 1973.

But wait! There is also a silk scarf you can bid on that according to the seller was purchased at a concert on March 21, 1976, with a stamped signature on it. I have one just like this that I bought through a fan club sometime during the 80's (see picture above). Maybe I should have it framed!


Anonymous said...

Of course you should have it framed! What are you waiting for?! :-)

Unknown said...

I have an Elvis scarf from one of his last concerts he threw out to my Mom, it's Blue and signed!!! Wonder what it's worth?

Mary Haggard said...

I have 2 Elvis Presley scarfs I got from him at a Elvis concert here in Phoenix Arizona at the memorial coliseum in 1972 and I got kiss from him also and I got one in March 1977 at Tempe Arizona I also got a 2nd kiss from Elvis and to this day I still have them and my kids know that when I die they are going down with me it's in my Will and now it's 2016 and my love is just as strong for him now and then long live Elvis in all of our hearts he will never be forgotten

Unknown said...

I was five years old at the June 21,1974 Cleveland concert in the front row with my mother and sister. After about 100 women broke through the police line my legs were folded up in one of the folding chairs on the floor. Just prior to that Elvis had thrown a scarf toward us.
Once the crowd was contained when the police officers handed me a piece of that scarf it's only about 2 inches long but I'll never forget that. I keep that with the full-size program our tickets stubs and will be mounting it in my basement in a shadowbox.