Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I was technical advisor

Sometimes, being an Elvis fans can lead you to some interesting experiences. A while back, a friend of mine started writing a novel, and asked me to read the manuscript with "Elvis-glasses" when he was nearly finished.

The novel is called "Junk", and is about a rock guitarist who after fifteen years in the business is looking for new challenges. So, when opportunity knocks, he heads up north together with an old friend to play in a show about Elvis Presley.

I took my task as technical advisor very seriously. I read the manuscript twice and gave my feedback: Elvis didn't rehearse much in 1976, he didn't smoke cigarettes but cigars, "See See Rider", "I Got A Woman"/"Amen" and "Love Me" is a typical start of a later Elvis concert, "Maybellene" is performed live at the Louisiana Hayride and yes, Elvis sang "Your Cheatin' Heart" too. Stuff like that.

"Junk" was released just a week ago, and I was pleased to see that the author had listened to some of my "sound advice". It was also a boost to find my name listed under "Authors thanks to".

I have just finished reading "Junk" once again, and I think it's a damn good book. And I'm proud to have played a small part in that.

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