Friday, August 31, 2007

Elvisbooks for children and grownups too!

In Portugal, a children's book about Elvis titled "Elvis - O Rei Do Rock" (means king of rock, would be my guess) is to be released in September. I think that's great, you can never be too young to learn about Elvis, right?

That's why I bought a CD copy of "Elvis Sings For Children And Grownups Too!" to my sisters first child six years ago. Unfortunately, it seems like he and Elvis didn't quite hit it off, and the CD is pretty much standing on its shelf unplayed. Perhaps I should have kept it myself, it isn't that easy to find nowadays.

Anyway, there are other things about Elvis you can give to small children, and perhaps I would’ve had greater luck if the Swedish children's picture book "Pek-Elvis" (Pek means point in Swedish) would have been out six years ago.

"Pek-Elvis" was released in May this year and it's really a great little book with 20 pictures of things associated with Elvis.

For example, the Swedish word for house is illustrated with a drawing of Graceland and the word for ring with a TCB-ring. A pink Cadillac accompanies the word for car and a peanut-butter banana sandwich the word for, obviously, a sandwich. There is also, among others, a guitar, a microphone and of course, Elvis himself.

The only word I missed was sideburns, but I guess the author can be forgiven, for this is really a cool book for the youngest. And maybe for the not so young also, because I really enjoyed looking through it. Why Elvis Presley Enterprises haven’t thought this one out yet is anybody's guess.

By the way, this is the second children's picture book by the author, the first he did was a picture book about the bible. That tells you something about how big Elvis still is, don't you think?

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