Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I can´t stop loving 1969

Today I ordered the new "Viva Las Vegas" double CD. Not because of the first disc which is a compilation of already released songs from Las Vegas in 1970 and 1972 that kicks off a bit far fetched with the title track from 1963.

And not because of the picture on the cover that’s already been used on at least two other releases ("Elvis At The International" and "Elvis Live"). No, the reason is the second disc with an unreleased Las Vegas show from August 21, 1969. (For some reason not included in the US version.)

This certainly isn't the first concert that has been released from 1969 in recent years. We already got one on the "Live In Las Vegas" box set (from August 24), then the FTD-releases "Elvis At The International (August 23)" and "All Shook Up (August 26)", the latter which included the famous laughing version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight".

But from the day I heard the "Elvis In Person" record for the first time when I was a kid I have always enjoyed the live recordings with Elvis from 1969. He’s so full of energy, sings fantastic with much of that raw 68-voice still present and clowns around quite a bit (maybe too much at times).

Even the old songs sound great, like "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Hound Dog". And the monologue is always funny to listen to ("I did loving you, loving her and loving everybody I could get my hands on at the time", for example).

So even with the wealth of material already released from August 1969, I look forward to the arrival of "Viva Las Vegas". Disc two, that is!

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