Saturday, May 26, 2012

“'Pete' Shows Amazing Insight”

A couple of days ago David Troedson at Elvis Australia wrote me and asked permission to run my interview with Per-Erik “Pete” Hallin on his website. Not only did he like my questions, he also thought “Pete” shows amazing insight and was impressed at his accuracy in memory.

Obviously, I said yes. And I have to admit that it feels good that all the interesting things “Pete” has to say about Elvis, and especially his love for gospel music, reaches a much larger audience that way.

And speaking of interviews, be sure to check out all the latest interviews with friends and family about Elvis Presley, featured on the Elvis Australia site. But be careful. You could easily lose track of time going through all that fascinating stuff.


Mårtenbrother said...

I got stuck reading the very nice interview with Vernon from 1978, very interesting and revealing in some ways.

Anonymous said...

Elvis left the building a year earlier, Vernon kicked the bucket sometimes later.