Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elvis In Print

In the last post for 2011 I mentioned that the greatest Elvis moment for me that year was the release of my The Elvis Today Blog Book, in March. Therefore I was surprisingly pleased to see that the book got another mentioning on the Elvis Information Network on Christmas Day, no less. The text ended like this:
The bibliographic resource Elvis in Print: The Definitive Reference and Price Guide includes this synopsis about The Elvis Today Blog:
The first 271 blogs by the author on his blog site, As you expect from a “blog”, the topics covered are eclectic. Melin ponders issues as diverse as Elvis in the shop window and archival media reports to new bootleg releases, the need for an FTD (Follow That Dream) website and the album that never was. All in all it makes for interesting reading. Includes listing of major Elvis websites and other Elvis related blog sites.
Reading this made my day. Not only was my blog book mentioned in a reference and price guide, it also received praise. At the same time I wanted to know more about Elvis In Print, so I did a search on google and got a hit that took me back to the Elvis Information Network, where it was mentioned among other general price guides:
Elvis In Print: The Definitive Reference & Price Guide, Nigel Patterson - scheduled book release listing details and values for more than 3,000 book and magazines about Elvis published around the world.
Reading this, I e-mailed Nigel Patterson whom I recognized as one of the guys running the Elvis Information Network site, and asked him if he could share some more information about his upcoming book.

He kindly replied that Elvis In Print is still in draft form and probably will be for some time. The manuscript currently exceeds 500 pages (without visuals), with more than 3,000 book and magazine listings (75% are books) from more than 20 countries. He also wrote that he expects the number of releases to spike over the next few years as more writers take advantage of the economical self-publish options for both physical and e-books. Finally, he told me that he expects Elvis In Print to be around 600 pages when it's published, with 3,500-4,000 listings.

I for one am looking forward to the release of Elvis In Print. After all, it's not everyday your work is mentioned together with renowned Elvis writers such as Bill Burk, Ernst Jorgensen, Peter Guralnick and Ger Rijff.

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