Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Boy, Two Little Girls

January 8 is always a day when I think a little extra of Elvis, and in my own humble way try to celebrate his birthday, maybe by watching one of my favorite movies or playing a record that has a special meaning to me. As he would have been 77 years today, for some reason I came to think of the Elvis In Concert album, recorded in 1977, so that will be my choice this time.

But today is also important to me for another reason. Twelve years ago I asked a pretty girl out on a date, and by chance that date took place on Saturday, January 8. I'm happy to report that the date went well, today that girl is my wife and we have a beautiful daughter.

In fact, the two of us always try to go to a restaurant on this particular day each year, and usually ends up joking about if it's Elvis or us we're celebrating. And all kidding aside, I'll be able to listen to Elvis In Concert together with my daughter during the day, and focus on my wife in the evening.

Happy birthday, Elvis! (And thank you, honey, for being the best wife there is!)

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