Friday, March 18, 2011

Press release

The Elvis Today Blog Book

What is probably the first Elvis blog book is now available. Thomas Melin, author of the blog Elvis Today, has collected the first 271 posts he penned, from August 16, 2007 to January 8, 2010, in a volume for sale on

“I've always wanted to write a book, especially about Elvis. Having blogged for a couple of years now, I realized I've sort of written one already,” says Thomas Melin, a public relations officer living in Sweden.

When he set the blog up back in 2007, the subject was a given. There were, and still are, a lot of websites covering news related stuff about Elvis, but no one was writing about Elvis from a personal point of view. With a few exceptions, that is still the case, which in a way is a bit surprising, taking Elvis popularity into account.

“It's like I write on my blog, I’ve been an Elvis fan for more than 30 years now. I guess not a day goes by without him taking part in my life in some way or the other. That’s what the blog is all about.”

At first, Thomas' posts dealt mainly with Elvis related experiences and memories. But soon he started to express his opinion concerning albums, books, movies and so on. Now and then someone would leave a comment, something that always makes him happy.

“It's great fun writing for Elvis Today, and it still amazes me all the things there are to tell. The well of Elvis never runs dry, it seems. But it wouldn't be half as fun if I didn't know that what I write is read by fans such as myself,” says Thomas Melin.

The Elvis Today Blog book is available on for US $9.95


Michael in NY said...

Thomas, I received my copy from Blurb today. I had never ordered from them before so I had no idea what to expect. Well, I was very impressed with the speed of delivery and high production quality of the book. So, you're in good hands there. Now, I'll just set down and read it while I wait for Vol. 2 ;)

Thomas said...

Hi Michael, glad you liked it! I received my copies today, so you beat me to it! I agree with you, it does look like the real thing, and it was a great feeling to finally hold it in my hands!