Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elvis Sings Guitar Man

Turned out I was wrong. Promised Land isn't going to be the next in line to get the FTD classic album treatment. That honor will instead go to another "what if" album, called Elvis Sings Guitar Man. Just like Elvis Sings Memphis, Tennesee it will include songs recorded in Nashville, this time from the period 1966-67.

Actually, I wasn't completely off the mark, as it was one of eleven titles I thought was left to be announced in the Classic Album series. The only difference is that my "what if" album featured the four Nashville tracks recorded in 1968 as well. Where FTD will include "Too Much Monkey Business," "U.S. Mail," Goin' Home" and "Stay Away" now is anybody's guess.

That said, it looks like a nice release, with a cool pick of Elvis from the movie Clambake on a cover that is done in a 60's retro style. Speaking of Clambake, four of the songs found on Elvis Sings Guitar Man ended up as bonus songs on the soundtrack album, including the title track. Something I recently covered in a guest blog over at The Mystery Train Elvis Blog.

Elvis Sings Guitar Man will be released in April, at the same time as Live in LA, a CD originally part of the book/CD combo with the same name. Turned out I was right about that one.

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MĂ„rtenbrother said...

Lucky really that these songs found their place to the soundtrack albums, otherwise they would have been not so fantastic - and very short ...!
An Elvis 68-69 FTD with all the soundtrack recordings (incl. Jan 68) will be nice too!