Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What'd I Say

Having worked as a journalist for ten years I'm used to asking the questions, not answering them. But recently I had to do just that, when I was interviewed by the editor of the official news magazine for the university where I'm currently holding a position as a public relations officer.

As I wrote a couple of months ago, the editor asked me if I wanted to be portrayed in the magazine under the headline In my spare time. About a week ago, he paid me a visit at home together with a photographer. At first, he didn't look too impressed, not finding a single room solely dedicated to Elvis. But when he left about an hour and a half later, he was deeply affected.

The interview took place in the living room where I have my record collection and my books. Pretty soon I found myself answering questions like, "When did your interest for Elvis start?" "Is it just the music you like about him?" and "You say that you experience something that has to do with Elvis practically every day, how is that possible?"

At first I thought carefully about my answers, but then I just kept pouring my heart out. After all, it's not every day someone wants to know all there is about your biggest hobby. So I talked about my love for Elvis' music and my interest in learning more about him as a person, played records and tried to get my points across. The editor scribbled for dear life on his notepad.

The whole thing ended with the photographer asking me to leaf through some of my LP records, which I obedienlty did, feeling a bit silly as his flashes went off.

A couple of days later I got a call from the editor, thanking me for an interesting evening. He also told me that it would take a while to finish the article, because of all my lengthy answers. So I guess I have to wait a while until I'll see the final result.

The photographer was faster. Almost immediately he sent me the shots that will accompany the article. I thought they were pretty good, here's for hoping the article will be as well.

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Jeffrey Schrembs said...

Interesting article.
Please keep up the good work and thanks for being an Elvis Fan.
Your friend in Elvis,
Jeff Schrembs