Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees?

After a long winter here in Sweden, today brought the promise of spring with a lot of sunshine and the snow all gone. It felt good walking home from a long day at work, listening to Elvis on my faithful Ipod with my coat unbottoned and my gloves stashed away in my pockets.

For some reason I decided to shuffle the songs, something I don't do very often. But I was pleased with the result, enjoying such diversity as "Find Out What's Happening" and "Swing Down Sweet Chariot."

Then all of a sudden, Elvis started singing, "Somewhere in, in the distant night, I hear Christmas bells. The gentle snow keeps falling down of people who are homeward bound." I almost stopped in midstep.

There I was, running my eyes over the green grass and feeling the sun in my face, while Elvis sang about the sound of snow beneath his feet and holly leaves and Christmas trees. Talk about a surrealistic moment!

Smiling, I continued my walk home and actually found myself enjoying the simple arrangement and Elvis sensitive singing. It probably helped that it was an undubbed alternate take from I Sing All Kinds. That said, I'm glad it's not "that time of year."


Anonymous said...

Great great blog!!
I a Elvis fan and collector from Peru south america my name is Ricardo and president of the unique official Elvis fan club in Peru

Thomas said...

Glad you like my blog and greetings from Sweden. Nice to hear from South America, I've visited Chile a couple of times as my wife was born there. Maybe someday I will travel to your country too!