Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Ending

Today I ran into Elvis in a most unexpected way. I'm fortunate to live in a city that has one of the best video stores around (at least in Sweden) and being a movie buff, I frequently visit it.

Entering Movieline, as it's called, my goal was to buy a present for one of my brothers. Having found what I was looking for I entered another room in the store on my way to the cash desk. There I noticed an older guy standing in front of a flat screen TV hanging on the wall, laughing and obviously enjoying whatever was being shown.

My curiosity aroused, I walked a little bit closer, and found myself looking at the boat race at the end of the movie Clambake, together with the old man. No doubt about it, he was having a good time, and for some reason I felt proud being an Elvis fan, even if it was only he and me watching a 43 year old movie I bet not many in that store had ever heard of.

As it turned out, both Clambake and Kid Galahad were on sale, for 29 Swedish crowns each, which is about 4 US Dollars. Quite a bargain, in other words. Unfortunately I didn't see the old guy pick up a copy.

I did notice, however, that he stayed until the end credits, laughing one last time as Elvis revealed to Shelley Fabares that he was, in fact, millionaire Scott Hayward, showing her his driving license to prove it, poor Fabares fainting.

This is what we both watched this afternoon, in a video store, having a nice time thanks to Elvis:

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