Sunday, May 31, 2009

A one-of-a-kind celebration

It's been over a week since I wrote my latest post, but that's the way it is. Although most of the time Elvis is part of my life in some way or the other, there are periods that are not that intense Elvis wise. Still, two things comes to mind, one a great disappointment and the other a more happy one.

The disappointment with a capital D is that I wasn't able to attend The Original Elvis Tribute 2009 that was touring Europe, including Sweden, in May. I've written about this show a couple of times, so maybe you know it included Michael Jarrett, who wrote "I'm Leavin'" and "I'll Be Home On Christmas Day" for Elvis, as well as bass player Duke Bardwell.

As things went, my work took me travelling in another direction and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. This was especially sad as I was looking forward to meeting Michael, who I've been having some e-mail contact with. He really comes across as a nice person and I was looking forward to talking to him and of course, have him sign my copy of the single "I'm Leavin'."

Arjan Deelen, the guy behind The Original Elvis Tribute, was kind enough to tell me he'd uploaded some video clips that he filmed during the tour. After watching them, it's clear to me that I missed a great evening with people associated with Elvis.

The highlight for me is Michael Jarrett performing "I'm Leavin'." And it must have been a special moment for Michael too, because singing harmony with him is his daughter Michele. According to the information accompanying the clip, the tour was basically the first time in 40 years that father and daughter spent quality time together. It really is a beautiful rendition, after checking it out I'm sure you'll agree:

Judging by the clips, this was no ordinary Elvis tribute show, instead it seems it lived up to what was promised on the tour's own homepage:

"The Original Elvis Tribute 2009 breaks away from all the usual clich├ęs surrounding Elvis tributes; instead, it's centered around several unique individuals with very different backgrounds, brought together by their admiration for Elvis Aaron Presley. More than 30 years after his death, Elvis' legacy is more alive than ever, and this vibrant new show tells you why. It's a one-of-a-kind celebration of The King that features some of his finest music, performed by those who were there when Elvis shook the world."

Here are the other clips from the tour:
Oh, I almost forgot. The happy thing. I'll write about that one in my next post. But you wont have to wait a week. I promise.

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