Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elvis sings for kids

If I was in fifth grade in school again, I'd like to be a pupil of Herrestadsskolan in Uddevalla, on the western coasts of Sweden. The reason? Last Friday, the school had a day that was all about Elvis!

According to the radio station Sveriges Radio Väst, the pupils have, for some time, been listening to songs and studying the history of Elvis Presley. And that resulted in a day where they could dress like Elvis and listen to an Elvis impersonator, among other things.

On the website of the radio station, you can listen to a short report from that Elvis day. One kid explains to the reporter how old Elvis was when he died and that his favourite song is "Jailhouse Rock."

You can also hear the music teacher, who arranged the day, tell the reporter that many of the children think that Elvis was a cool guy. Also, that he's been playing both old and new songs, and that there is always someone that they like.

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