Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Memphis Recording Service: What happened?

Whatever happened to the Memphis Recording Service? I'm talking about the UK based company headed by Elvis collector Joseph Pirzada.

MRS put out some excellent releases during 2004-2007. My personal favourites are the two SUN volumes The Beginning Of Elvis 1953-1954 and The Rise of Elvis Presley 1955, as well as the sensational Tupelo's Own, which included footage of Elvis performing live 1956 - with sound!

Then, in the beginning of 2008, Memphis Recording Service announced that their next release would be a dance remix of "That's All Right" with Elvis Presley and Lucy Clark. Many fans thought that a bad move on MRS's part. After that, I've heard nothing from the label.

The MRS site still exists, but the strange thing is, all the material about the dance remix of "That's All Right" has been removed. In fact, the first thing that meets the eye is an announcement for the New York RCA Studio 1 – The Complete Session release, which was the second to last release.

Also, there is no mentioning about future projects or information about why no new releases have seen the light of the day. Maybe it has something to do with this. There is an e-mail address, though. I'm gonna send Memphis Recording Service a letter right now and ask them what happened.

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