Monday, April 6, 2009

Elvis Today goes Twitter

I've been thinking for some time now about letting Elvis Today become a micro-blog also. As you probably know, micro-blogging enables you to write updates in the form of posts that can't be more than 140 characters in length. The updates are then displayed on the user's profile page and also delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them.

One such micro-blog service (and also the biggest) is, where I've created an account. Luckily, the name Elvis Today was available, and I've spent some time customizing the design and learning what Twitter is all about.

So why do I want to micro-blog? It's simple, really. Sometimes I haven't got the time to write on my "real" blog, but a short update on Twitter can't be that time consuming. Also, although not a day goes by without Elvis taking part in my life in some way or the other, maybe some days a short message tells it all.

This doesn't mean I will be abandoning my blog Elvis Today. I see micro-blogging as a complement, and also as an experiment. Maybe I quit soon. Maybe I don't. I for one hope you choose to follow Elvis Today on Twitter as well.

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