Thursday, March 27, 2008

A picture of Elvis

A couple of days ago my parents paid me a visit. And, of course knowing their oldest son's favourite interest, they brought along a videocassette. On it was an episode of Antikrundan, a Swedish TV-program where experts on antiques travel around the country and estimates the value of old thing people bring them.

In this particular episode, a guy showed one of the experts a reproduction of a painting of Elvis signed by the King himself. Turned out the guy's aunt thought Elvis was so great that she traveled from Sweden to Memphis in 1963 and lived there for a year.

Apparently the aunt succeeded in getting to know Elvis some, and even tagged along to the movies with him and his pals at night. And then, when she was leaving for Sweden again, she wanted a memory of him and got him to autograph the painting. Here is what it looked like (in this case an unsigned copy):

Unfortunately the antique expert didn't seem too impressed by her time around Elvis, and instead concentrated on the signature, which he claimed was indeed Elvis's. His explanation for this was that the P and the R in Presley had some space between them, something a forger often misses.

Don't know anything about that, but the expert also showed the signature of the painter in the lower left corner, June Kelly. He then went on explaining that she painted pictures of Elvis which during the 60's were printed and given away with the purchase of some of his records.

Unfortunately the guy and his brother used a water pistol on the painting when they were young, so it had some spots on Elvis jacket. Otherwise, it looked fine to me, and so thought the expert who told the owner that a collector would pay between 10 000 and 15 000 Swedish crowns, about $1 600 – $2 500.

Turned out he was right on the money, when I searched the Internet I found a copy of exactly the same painting also signed by Elvis, which had sold for $2 500. (you can find it a bit down on this list). Finally, if you want to see the episode I've just described yourself (and hear what Swedish sounds like) click here and start 42 minutes and 50 seconds into the program.


Anonymous said...

You can learn more about Elvis' signature

Mike Edwards said...

I just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading some of it. Check mine out as well sometime.

Thomas said...

Thank you, Rocker, it was very interesting reading.

Mike Edwards, great hearing from a fellow blogger, I've added your blog to my link list.

Unknown said...

June Kelly married my uncle, Charlie Kelly, and lived in Tampa. (Uncle Charlie wasn't a blood relative; he had married and divorced my mother's sister.) I visited their house on many occasions and saw gifts that Elvis had given June, the most impressive (to an eight-year-old) of which was a phone in a wooden box with a brass plaque on it, "From Elvis to June." June's "day job" was airbrushing Playboy centerfolds. She was a very attractive woman who smoked cigars--pretty wild for the 60's!

Anonymous said...

I have one of these posters if anyone is interested in it. You can contact me @

I moved into a home that had it left in the shed. It is signed by June in the lower left and is in great to excellent condition. Thanks Daren Cole Phoenix, AZ

Anonymous said...

How can you find out exactly how much the pictue is worth? I have been looking for a long time. It is Elvis in the red shirt and is signed by June Kelly in the lower left hand corner. I am interested in selling it. I also have a picture of Elvis from his childhood to his older years it is etched onto a mirror. Can anyone help me with this?

Anonymous said...

I have this painting to but not sure his name is on it where is it located at on picture?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I have the original letter of commendation (and carbon copy) to Sergeant E5 Elvis Presley signed by Frederic J. Brown, Major General, USA--dated February 24, 1960! So how much would this sell for??

Unknown said...

I have the original (and carbon copy) of an Army Letter of Commendation to Sergeant E5 Elvis Presley signed by Frederic J. Brown, Major General, USA.
Who would want this and for how much?