Friday, February 29, 2008

The final Hayride performance

It was interesting to read on that Ernst Jorgensen bought a tape of Elvis final Louisiana Hayride show from December 15, several years ago. The show is a complete one, with 10 songs covering about 35 minutes.

But the problem, according to Jorgensen, is "how" to release it. He doesn't feel it's commercial enough to release on Sony/BMG, and there I agree. What I find surprising is this:

You could release it on a FTD book & CD Ernst - Why not?

Well, of course I am all for it that this show must be shared with the ElvisFans, but at this moment there's been so much Public domain releases from Elvis in the 50's on Sun and loads and loads of 56 -57 budget Cd's for a couple of Euro's - The Artist Elvis has become a cheap product! So, we really have to find a concept on the right time and circumstances.

The above reasoning I don't understand. Surely the people buying FTD records, hard core Elvis fans, knows the difference between a budget CD and a historical recording such as the final Hayride show.

As for the concept, why don't collect all the live material from the 50's on a FTD box together with a nice booklet? Besides the Louisiana Hayride material there's also the Little Rock performance and the two Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Shows, amongst others. I sure would buy it, wouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

Sure. Also, how about a definitive Extended Edition 50s Performances DVD. I'll dream on...

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Thomas. Such a Box-Set could easily include the '61 Hawaii Concert too.