Monday, February 11, 2008

Special moments with FTD II

It's funny how certain songs can take you back in place and time. In my case, "The Sound Of Your Cry" from The Nashville Marathon does just that.

A year back, when I worked a couple of months in Stockholm, the most important thing in my "survival kit" was a newly bought iPod loaded with FTD records. I thought it would be a great idea to really listen through them all.

That iPod was working overtime: on the bus, on the subway and at the rented apartment where I lived. One of the records was, obviously, The Nashville Marathon, which I really fell in love with. Particularly "The Sound Of Your Cry" which is, in my opinion, far better than the original.

Gone are the strings, horns and choir, giving the song a more dramatic and emotional feeling. It begins softly, with Elvis singing about lying in the darkness, thinking about leaving his love before it's light and then "I leave, cause I can't stand to see you hurt this way."

But Elvis obviously has a hard time leaving, because he keeps belting out "Sleep my love, as I kiss you good-bye. Then I won't hear the sound of your cry." Over and over. My favorite part is near the end when he sings "as I kiss you, kiss you, kiss you, kiss you good-bye." Then Elvis finally lets go with the words "cry, cry, cry, cry!"

Even as I listen to the song this very minute I get chills up my spine. Also, I see myself walking in the snow (yes, there was snow that year!) on my way to the bus station, "The Sound Of Your Cry" playing loudly in my ears.

By the way, my wife just saw the cover of The Nashville Marathon, and said she liked it. "It looks like part of a photo in a school year book," she said. Well, that's one class I would've liked to attend!

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