Thursday, June 14, 2012

Of The Whole Wide World

One of the great things about having an Elvis blog is that I get to hear from fans all around the world, many of them telling me things I’d like to write about. Unfortunately, with a busy job and a 20 months old daughter, time isn’t always on my side.

So for once, I decided to take the easy way out. The last two weeks I have received three e-mails that I feel are potential subjects for my blog. But as I will not have the time to elaborate the information they contain into three separate posts, what follows are excerpts from the letters instead.
This past week I did a special episode of my podcast, All Time Top Ten. Check out episode 22 - Top Ten Elvis Presley Songs. My buddy Nick Baker is a massive Elvis fanatic and he and I discuss and play our favorite Elvis songs. Check it out here:
 Thought you might find this interesting - the same company that did the infamous Tupac hologram is now going to be releasing an Elvis hologram - and it'll be going on tour! We did a story on this @Buzz60:
Here is the full information on the Australian Elvis By Request: The Australian Edition CD release. […] This is a very special 40 track double CD release where Australian Fans vote for their favourite Elvis track from a listing of every master track. The voting promotion is from Monday June 4 until Friday July 13 and then from this Sony will get the album track listing for the album.

Before I sign off, I'd like to recommend the latest post over at The Mystery Train Blog, titled "I Am An Elvis Fan (So Why Can't I Choose My Own Songs?)." Not only does it tell you why the Australian Elvis By Request CD is far superior over its American counterpart, the I Am An Elvis Fan CD, it's also written by a good friend of mine I got to know thanks to my blog.

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