Sunday, June 19, 2011

In The Garden (3:12)

Some days Elvis plays a bigger part in my life than others. Yesterday he was abscent most of the time, but for one song in the morning. Yet that was all it took to get me in a good mood.

As on every other Saturday morning, the radio in our kitchen was tuned to a nationwide radio show called Ring så spelar vi (loosely translated to Call and we play) during breakfast. The concept of the show is to have ordinary people call the program, wish for a song and then try to answer a question correctly. If they do, they win a CD. The song they wish for is played regardless of the result.

As you can guess Elvis is among the artists people want to hear, and yesterday was no exception. "The laughing version of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' is one of the most wished for songs," the host told a woman calling in who wanted to hear a slow Elvis number.

"I bet she goes for 'Love Me Tender' or 'Can't Help Falling In Love'," I told my wife who sat on the other side of the table. I then glanced to the right at my eight months old daughter, but she didn't offer an opinion in the matter. The woman then surprised me by telling the host she wanted to hear "In The Garden."

Three minutes and 12 seconds. As I listened to Elvis delivering his beautiful version of this reverent church traditional my spirits rose. The tiredness I felt after a night with only a couple of hours sleep (courtesy of our daughter) vanished and like countless of times before I once again thought about how lucky I am to be an Elvis fan.


rs0675 said...

Funny for on Saturday morning I listened to the complete "His Hand In Mine" album and it brought some good spirits. By the way, love that song!

Thomas said...

What a coincidence! And I agree, those gospel songs always seems to rise my spirits, too!

Anonymous said...

I read you story about the radio show request for In the Garden with with interest.
My mother passed away on the 18th. A couple of hours before she passed my brother played Elvis' version of the song by her bedside, through his Iphone. That song was my Mom's favorite hymn.It sounds like she wasn't the only one who liked it.