Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Great Big Fairytale

Just a quick post today to point you in the direction of a great article written by Troy Y. over at his The Mystery Train Elvis Blog. Titled "The Once And Future Album" it's a 1967 review of the album Elvis Sings Guitar Man (one of FTD's latest "what if" albums), set in a universe where Elvis took a stand and demanded the album be released instead of the Clambake soundtrack with bonus songs.

The article is cleverly written, telling the reader that the 1963 platinum selling release Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee (another "what if" album released by FTD in 2008) came about the same way. That is, with Elvis threatening to fire his manager Colonel Tom Parker if he didn't give in.

After the actual review we are told that Elvis is expecting his first child with "longtime sweetheart" Ann-Margret early next year. Also, that the shelved songs from Clambake might be combined with the songs from last year's canceled Spinout soundtrack album on an Elvis Double Feature Album.

Great stuff, Troy, and I love the stenciled and type written Mystery Train Elvis Newsletter (November 1967) illustration!

Elvis 1967: The Once And Future Album (The Mystery Train Elvis Blog)

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