Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Knight In Vegas

I for one applaud FTD's decision to release yet another 1969 August show, this time the dinner show from August 26, titled Elvis: White Knight In Vegas. In fact, I could use the same argumentation that I did in one of my very first posts back in August 2007, titled "I Can't Stop Loving 1969."
From the day I heard the "Elvis In Person" record for the first time when I was a kid I have always enjoyed the live recordings with Elvis from 1969. He’s so full of energy, sings fantastic with much of that raw 68-voice still present
and clowns around quite a bit (maybe too much at times).

Even the old songs sound great, like "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Hound Dog". And the monologue is always funny to listen to ("I did loving you, loving her and loving everybody I could get my hands on at the time", for example).
I also like the fact that FTD will release Elvis: White Knight In Vegas in their classic album format, as a 7" digipack with an accompanying 12 page booklet. The August 26 Dinner Show marks the sixth complete concert from the 1969 Las Vegas engagement released officially so far, the other five being:
  • August 21 (Viva Las Vegas 2 CD set. "Dinner or Midnight show?")
  • August 22, Dinner Show (FTD Elvis In Person, disc 2)
  • August 23, Midnight Show (FTD Elvis At The International)
  • August 24, Dinner Show (Live In Las Vegas box set)
  • August 26, Midnight Show (FTD Elvis All Shook Up)

Just keep the '69 shows coming until there are no more of them left in the vaults, FTD! (That goes for the August 1970 shows, too!)


Unknown said...

Без сомнения, и я аплодирую! Спасибо! (=

Thomas said...

Elvis Australia reports that this release will be in the usual 5" format:

From Roger Semon at FTD

Please be advised that the forthcoming White Knight In Vegas will now be 5" digi-pack with 12 page colour booklet. We had intended to make this a special 7" but due [to] technical reasons, it won't be possible.

Sorry for the confusion.


Unknown said...

technical reasons? Still it's the sound that counts and it will be great