Sunday, January 30, 2011

FTD's Classic Album Series: What's Left?

Reading Troy's latest post on The Mystery Train Elvis Blog made me think about which titles we can expect to be announced in the FTD Classic Album series. Not counting albums where none or only a few outtakes exists, this is what I found out:
  • Peace In The Valley EP (including all the binaural outtakes from 1957)
  • G.I. Blues
  • A What If Album featuring Nashville recordings from 1966-1968
  • From Elvis In Memphis
  • Back In Memphis
  • He Touched Me
  • Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas
  • Promised Land
  • From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Moody Blue
  • Elvis In Concert
If FTD continues with their ordinary release schedule of four classic albums a year, this means that the well will have run dry in about three years time. But other exciting projects from Ernst Jorgensen and crew will come along, I'm sure.

And the fans can count themselves lucky. Like Troy writes, the FTD label "has released nearly 100 titles since it began in 1999, more albums in eleven years than Elvis released during his entire twenty-three year career."

And yeah, Troy, I'm also hoping for Promised Land to be next in line to receive the FTD treatment. If I was a betting man, this is what I would put my money on:
  • Promised Land (April release)
  • G.I. Blues (June release)
  • Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas (October release)
  • He Touched Me (December release)
Bets, anyone?


Troy Y. said...

I'm not a betting man, but I like your list and hope you're right. I would add a few more, all of the live concert variety.

* On Stage-February 1970
* Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (I really want a new mix on this one, as was done with Memphis '74, though that seems to buck the trend of the more recent Classic Album releases; maybe a new mix could be disc 2...though the afternoon show would be the more likely choice. I like the evening show better, but the mix is better on the afternoon show)
* Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite (rounded out with the rehearsal show and all available takes of the post-concert songs)

I could see both MSG and the Aloha concepts above being Sony Legacy releases (though hopefully not simply paired together), and of course On Stage has already received that treatment.

Regarding Elvis In Concert, I wish they would just toss out the original album in this one instance and just give the complete versions of both shows. Come to think of it, Elvis As Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis is a precedent for this, too.

It is more likely, of course, that the original album would be Disc 1 while Rapid City would be Disc 2. Maybe they could release Omaha as a separate, follow-up release. This is assuming they bother with an Elvis In Concert CD re-release at all. I personally feel this material is much underrated, but I don't want to get started on that...

Mike Hermenet said...

I'm right there with you guys about the PROMISED LAND album!! I hope that one shows up soon!!

I also agree that it is about time that FTD releases the MADISON SQUARE GARDEN show in the "Classic Albums" series as well. The original MSG album could CERTAINLY use an audio upgrade, and if coupled with the AFTERNOON IN THE GARDEN show, would make a DYNAMITE release in my opinion!!

Thanks Thomas for your FANTASTIC blog!!! Always look forward to the next article!!


P.S. How's the book coming along??

MĂ„rtenbrother said...

Your Elvis In Concert FTD sounds great, Troy!

Thomas said...

I agree with MĂ„rtenbrother, Troy, that's the classic treatment Elvis In Concert should receive. And if FTD can release such a disaster show as the one featured on New Haven '76, it really would be incredible if they wont release Elvis In Concert eventually. But to borrow your own words, I wouldn't get started on that either...

Mike, thank you for your kind words, they really made me happy! The book will be ready by the end of February, if all goes according to plan...