Sunday, November 21, 2010

Viva Elvis!

The reviews from around the world are in general positive about the new Viva Elvis The Album CD release. Unfortunately, my own local newspaper had another opinion. This is what the rewiever wrote about the album, under the caption "Desecration of a corpse":
Time to make some money on Elvis voice again. It was a few weeks ago. Think, think, think. Hmm ... wonder what Elvis would sound like in 2010? "King Creole" as a messy number from West Side Story and "Love Me Tender" as an acoustic duet with somebody called Jane Doe, "Burning Love" in light metal version, and "Heartbreak Hotel" with a bluesy big band, how does that sound? OK, I guess, but something is missing. "Suspicious Minds" driven down in a pair of rock boots? Perfect. But who will listen? Never mind, just make sure to sell the crap.
I bought Viva Elvis – The Album yesterday and, after listening to it from start to finish with my headphones on and the volume turned way up loud, have to say that the reviewer hasn't understood anything what this release is all about. He should read what his collegue over at the Canadian RockStar Weekly has to say about it:
Is the world really in need of a new Elvis Presley album 33 years after the death of the King of Rock N’ Roll? After only one listen to Viva Elvis: The Album, that answer is a resounding YES.

Unlike other post-mortem recordings, Viva Elvis is something truly unique. It’s not a rehash of old material, nor is it some obscure second rate "lost track". Viva Elvis is an honest reworking of Elvis’ greatest hits using original master samples of the King’s voice worked into modern riffs and beats.

There’s no attempt to make the tracks into dance remixes like A Little Less Conversation; they come cross with dignity, respect and care – and that’s what makes Viva Elvis unique and magical.
Or, if that isn't enough to make him change his mind, he could do worse than visit The Mystery Train Elvis Blog and check out Troy's excellent review of the album. Viva Elvis!


Anonymous said...

I still think it is completely unnecessary and disrespectful.

Troy Y. said...

Anonymous: Have you actually listened to the album? And I don't mean the little snippets. There's nothing disrespectful about it. It is very much a tribute to Elvis and his music. It brings so much together from throughout his career. It was a real joy to hear. I played it as my only music for a week - when I normally would listen to about 300 to 400 different songs in that amount of time. It is an amazing album, and I'm sorry some fans are missing out.

Thomas: Nice post, as always. I was pretty sure you'd love this album, too. Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Elvis fans.And that i am for 40 years now. But i can undertsand a little why the revieuwer has his complaints. JXL did a good job. (altough i don't like elctronic music). But then are more Dj's who's tried the same.
Listen to Spancock remixes. That's really shitand in europe it's only public domain tracks.So that's only the the big cash Via Elvis.It's done with respect. But it's a new step for Elvis Music, But with all the re-mixes it's really looks like they still earn moeny with elvis his songs. It's not my type of music and i will not buy this. But i guess it's the only way to not forget Elvis his songs. But most important. His voice and songs are timeless and unsuprpassed. New sound or not. It is still an Elvis songs. No one could do it better. including the Beatles