Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Funny Spelling Error On Complete Masters

As our new baby girl takes up a lot of my time nowadays (not that I'm complaining), I haven't really had the time to reflect over the new 30- CD set The Complete Elvis Presley Masters that came out a couple of days ago. And in all fairness, maybe I've chosen not to think too much about it as it was too expensive for me to obtain.

But reading Troy's post Complete Elvis masters collections put focus where it belongs – on the music at his The Mystery Train Elvis Blog, made me realize what an amazing set this is, containing 711 master recordings and 103 rarities (alternates, informal recordings, rehearsals, etc.) Maybe I should've gotten my hands on it, after all.

But nobody or nothing is perfect. I'd like to share a mail I received from Arjan Deelen yesterday, the guy behind "The Original Elvis Tribute 2011".
A few days ago the ’Complete Masters’ came out, and the various message boards have been buzzing with activity ever since. It’s clear that this is the most exciting Elvis release in quite a while. Some fans have been generous in their praise, while others have expressed disappointment with certain elements, i.e. Lene Reidel being used for mastering discs 28 – 30, as well as a few errors, like wrongly captioned photos in the book. On a project of this magnitude, some errors are inevitable. However, there’s a rather unfortunate one on page 208, where Memphis sessions piano player Bobby Wood’s name is misspelled as BOOBY WOOD - Guess the text was written by someone with a one-track mind! Bobby himself laughed about the error, and said: “Oh well, what else is new (laughs)... That’s funny because sometimes I sign my e-mail Booby Woo!”. Bobby will be touring Europe in May ’11 as part of ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2011’. Please visit for more details.
And a couple of hours later I received another e-mail from Arjan, featuring a new interview with Ernst Jørgensen about the SONY box, as published on the “Huffington Post”. It's well worth reading.

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